Finding your new job by using a job search portal

We can create a service ourselves! In the first months after losing her job, Jane recruited her creative hands and, in the meantime, made a plan for the future. She received unemployment compensation for a year. She decided to build in the future on her creative nature and fashion experience. Although this meant that you would have to create a job yourself she did not hesitate and applied to a job portal for jobs in Qatar.

“That’s why with that consultant at the institution that year, I agreed not to include me in educational programs.” The first steps in the unknowing world of entrepreneurship helped her to build a former colleague from Mura. Together they opened a fashion studio in which they sold their own creations, sewed clothes at the customers’ request and sold pieces of other brands. When their business split up after a year, Jane began a fashion story on the outskirts of DOHA, Qatar and decided to continue what she started some time ago. She found a job in DOHA, Qatar last year using and never looked back. “We can always learn something from bad things. It turned out that there is no need to be in the center of a big city so that things can succeed. “

Make use of your social network

People often see the period of unemployment as a point of stagnation on a career path. The psychologist therefore suggests that we look at him with more optimistic eyes. “Unemployment is an opportunity to stop and look at yourself. During this time, we can assess past experiences and relationships with former colleagues. Perhaps we prepare a plan for the future and establish somewhat forgotten relations with the closest ones, “says Jane.

He advises unemployed people to rebuild their social network because they can make a significant difference in finding a job. “The network can be classmates from primary and secondary schools, neighbors, relatives and former colleagues. When we know it, we find it can be very broad, “the psychologist encourages.

A career counselor supports the advice for an additional reason: “If you tell your wider circle of acquaintances that you are looking for a job, you may also be exposed to a hidden labor market. This is a great pool of jobs that are still coming, “explains Andlovic. “These are jobs that will be relaxed with longer absences or planned by the company in a business plan for the coming year.”

Turn hobby into a business

Tina has decided to discover the employer two years ago. The mother of two preschool children, at that time, despite the new family member on her way, took the change as a positive point of break in her career. “The employer’s decision did not come overnight. I had enough time because I went on maternity leave. I was pleased to be able to start doing what pleased me, “says the 33-year-old who was working for her first employer for seven years.

The producer of natural nutritional supplements took it to work after completing the study of food technology. Throughout her career, she transferred her work experience to her hobby. By creating natural cosmetics, she began to work already during her studies. “I really enjoy this. I’m preparing various ointments. “My greatest passion is soap” says a person from Qatar, who has been fighting bulimia for a decade. Creating natural preparations she liked her free time, which helped her fight eating disorders.

“Natural cosmetics hired me and relaxed at the same time. Instead of food, I cooked the creams, “she explains with a held-up smile. After losing her job, she decided to open the company and sell the products under her own brand name. She found that she needed new knowledge in the field of business and sales. She has already visited several different lectures, workshops and seminars. “It’s not enough for me to create good natural cosmetics. I can not start selling my own products. Many other obligations come along. I believe that you can succeed if you are passionate. “

Let’s invest in our knowledge

Career changes are constant at this time. “Today we are no longer talking about career paths that would grow up the ladder. Our path is often artificially completed and then we may get an opportunity in a completely different field for which we have not been educated. Nevertheless, the new experience can bring us great added value in the field of personal and professional growth. ” As the psychologist explains, employers prefer to employ a person who constantly complements their knowledge. “Someone who finished college 20 years ago has an obsolete knowledge. Therefore, in every field of employment, there is a tendency for lifelong learning. ”

Unemployed in finding new skills can help the institution. “We always have a duty counselor at Career Center,” says Christina. “We find that these people are not well aware. In our Career Center, they can get information about various events and workshops. ”
It takes perseverance

The goal set by Christina during the time of unemployment also required a lot of new unknown skills from her. Three years ago she left herself out of a reliable and well-paid job. The reason for the cancellation was the unsustainable situation and the inadequate relationship of the superior.

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